• Dear Diary,

    So yea, my day sucked soooo much. I was woken up at 8 A.M. to my little brother screaming, "SANTA CAME LAST NIGHT!" like 5 times before I jumped out of bed and chased him into the bathroom. I mean COME ON, It's June for Christs sake, not December. So I go downstairs to see this huge circular metal thing in our living room. WTF? My parents are like 30 meters away from it just starring at it like zombies. I asked what it was, but they were as clueless as I.
    "We called the government and they said they would be over to examine it. It may be an extra-terrestrial find."
    After 3 hours of waiting my curiosity was very high. I had been watching my brother al this time while my parents were at the newspaper office, trying to make the front page. My brother starts jumping around like a mad man around the object. After telling him to stop for like 10 minutes I got angry. I threw a book at him, but of course missed and hit the object. To my surprise, it begins to glow shades of green and blue. I go down to investigate and WHAM!, next thing I know my brother pushes me and I fall into the glowing void.

    So yea, now I'm sitting on a rock, writing on a leaf. Yea...did I mention that I got sent back to Prehistoric times?? Cuz that's kind of important. On the bright side I can finally get some peace and quiet!

    Yours Truely