• I'm that girl.

    im the girl you never notice
    you never say hi to
    the one screaming for attention

    to be seen
    just once
    im the girl

    the one who slits her wrists
    just to feel pain
    im the girl

    the girl who wears bright colors
    since no one does anymore
    im the girl

    do you notice me now?
    now that my wrists bleed and ache
    or is it my bright colors?

    Help me.

    my mind is fuzzy
    my hands are numb
    my vision is tamperd

    when your lips touch mine
    the spark of lust isnt there anymore
    the fire is gone

    so why is my head so fuzzy
    why does my heartpuond when i see you
    when i think of you

    when i hear you name
    but you never come around
    you never say hello

    akways good bye
    just once make my day
    make my head clear

    let me feel again
    let my vision be clear
    but never leave my side

    Poem 25

    my heart races
    my ears ring
    as you call my name
    i waited and i waited

    to see you again
    you crushed my heart
    you burned my soal
    but i still waiit

    wait for you to love me again
    you smake around
    i kiss your lips
    you beat me down

    i let you rest
    alway and forever
    i love you

    Ms. Murder