• Beauty is rainbows after a rain,
    Misty droplets on windows
    That wash away pain.
    It is stars in the sky,
    Illuminating the inky night
    Until day draws nigh.
    Beauty is the gentle cooing of an infant
    Being rocked away to sleep.
    So peaceful, so calm as it descends into dreams.
    The blooming of flowers,
    The wind through the trees,
    a breeze through the meadow,
    the sigh of the seas.
    Gentle strokes of a brush as it paints a scene,
    The power and magnificence of a mighty queen.
    A young couple embracing,
    Their hearts gently racing.
    Chicks jumping outside of their nest for their very first flight,
    Their small wings reflecting the sun so bright.
    Oh, to see such a sight…
    A girl walks down the road with a smile on her face.
    Her chin held high and stature proud,
    Striding with incredible grace.
    From her, confidence radiates so strongly,
    People can’t help but look her way.
    She believes in herself,
    Know how much she’s worth;
    She doesn’t need others to define that for her.
    So you see,
    Beauty is always differently perceived
    Based on the people by whom it is seen.
    Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not.
    You need to look at the world with a different perspective.
    To find it in yourself and to see it all around you,
    You’ll have to look deep in your heart. heart