• Unwanted Disguise
    This unwanted disguise
    That I must hide behind
    Is making my mind
    Break away and fly
    It is not how I am
    It is just a disguise
    That I forced to hide behind
    To hide my feelings from
    The cruel pets of evil
    Who I must face everyday
    Who always gives you
    An unwanted wound
    to deal with, and heal.

    This unwanted disguise
    Is making me lose sight
    Of what is right
    What is happening to me?
    What is causing this mess?
    What is causing this massacre?
    What is letting the devil out?
    What is making the demon show?
    What is causing the evil?
    In me to come out
    I must hide behind
    This disguise I do not want,
    this disguise that protects others from my demon