• In the deep darkness of an infinite night,
    a painting of only blackness is held as a screen over the light of the stars and the moon.
    As each guiding eye conforms to the gloom of this black rain,
    the monsters take their cue and rise from their concealed territories.
    As they breathe their first ration of fresh air,
    the church bells rasp a godly plea into the nothingness that had absorbed all of man and nature,
    but god’s eyes were impeded behind the darkness of the sky,
    and his ears could not hear beyond the roar of the deathly thunder.
    The creatures slowly filed through the obscure labyrinth of the city,
    etching hefty footprints into the tender cement at their feet,
    which cracked and crumbled at each stride as if they were stepping through a plain of thin glass.
    The creatures now screamed out in a bloody hunger,
    following the scent of the helpless to their holes,
    but each window and each door is bolted behind thick layers of steel.
    The children lay awake in their fragile beds.
    Crying to their helpless mothers,
    pleading to their protectors to keep them safe from those of who are starving.
    High above, black birds soar through the hitch free air,
    writing unseen messages into the dark sky.
    Nobody sees them, for their doors are locked,
    and their windows shut behind metal bars.
    As the night presses on through the unvarying context of time,
    the hungry monsters fall to their knees and crawl in a helpless scuttle,
    probing each inch of cement for any morsel of food that they can possibly eat,
    but nothing could be found.
    The children are now asleep,
    fallen into peace from the expelling of their own tears,
    as their mothers sit at the base of their beds,
    waiting for an unwanted guest to attempt to harm their little ones.
    None such thing comes.
    As the infinite night halts, and the dimension changes,
    the presence of the great god of Earth shines through the metal bars
    and onto the innocent faces of every child.
    Each civilian now unlocks their barricaded doors
    and steps out into the warmth of the powerful sun.
    The world outside was different than it was the day before.
    Coated on the brick laid surface of the city,
    the mother’s children lay in a deathly hunger,
    naked and bones swollen from their flesh.
    Hundreds of these poor innocent souls, lost in the darkness of the night,
    searching for their homes, starving, cold, and alone.
    Their mothers fall to their knees and clean the dried tears from their children’s eyes,
    and cry out in an endless despair.
    In their homes, the children rise from their cot and remove their ugly monster masks,
    below they are human.
    The human’s then walk to the door and look at the hideous creatures
    kneeling at the young beasts that lay dead on the road.
    Then, the human shuts the door behind bolts of unbreakable barriers,
    and the mothers are thrown from their homes to die.
    The humans won the war.
    Upon the next day, they bury all the ugly monsters into a pit of fire,
    and then look the other way, wiping the creature’s rule of the earth from all of history.
    The ravens in the sky sung out in sadness, as the warning of their flied disappeared into the sky.
    Above, God looks away as he sheds a tear, and leaves the watch of his world.
    The night of their victory was perceived as invisible.