• tryin to think of tha perfect rhyme
    really jus tryin to pass that time

    wanderin whats next to do
    i'll do anything to keep my mind off you

    everytime i thought i was through with you
    my pain all the sudden grew and grew

    this is startin to make me feel stupid
    sometimes i wish i could just KILL that ******** cupid

    its all the same
    he needs to work on his aim
    and relise that im through with this ******** game

    i took all this s**t that was on my plate
    and i channled it all to my hate

    now im one of those kids who will do anything to make you mad
    jus because im so ******** sad

    im not sure of whats right or wrong
    all i do is sit here and sing my song

    "mommy ******** you
    and daddy ******** you too

    im not gonna do it soon
    stay out my room"

    i'll do anything to make you feel disgrace
    and do it all with a smile on my face

    well now you know
    but i gotta go