• My life, my personality, all it
    seems to be is doom and gloom.
    No light, rare happiness, only
    the bad times overshadowing the good.
    The negativity feels so common
    to me, so normal....
    Each pain, everyday, I expect it.
    I doubt the unexpected: happiness.
    That left my life some time ago.
    Why? What's the point?
    Why be positive when all the time those
    optimistic hopes are crushed?
    I fail at happiness, at life, at anything
    I do.
    I expect to fail, I think no other way, it's not
    me, not who I am...
    I'm not the positive, happy, well-rounded person
    everyone wishes I would be, the I wish I was...
    But even so, I don't even know who I am...
    I just live through the sorrows, accepting them,
    hating them, adapting to them...
    I've been scarred so much, I believe now
    I only add to the pain.
    I pressure myself to believe that I can change,
    that I can be better- but I can't.
    I'll always be the failure, the burden to others,
    that one person to struggle each day
    trying to cope with who I am.
    The pessimistic loser who'll never be anything else...