• October 31st,
    a time of death,
    a time we fear,
    the time when the dead,
    are said to appear.
    The man in the mask,
    carrying an axe,
    stained by the blood,
    of those hes killed.
    His blood stained hands,
    and souless gaze,
    you can only hope,
    he dies someday.
    Killing people,
    is his hobby,
    he killed the bellman,
    in the lobby.
    The man with the claws,
    who kills in dreams,
    unable to hear,
    the victims screams,
    Cougars his name,
    and killings his game.
    Jeepers creepers,
    hes come for keeps,
    he needs new kidneys,
    and a set of teeth.
    he'll hunt you down,
    he needs to feed,
    you were chosen,
    you've got what he needs.
    The leather faced man,
    who wanders the town,
    the screams of his victims,
    a wonderful sound.
    Holding his chainsaw,
    and holding it high,
    he'll cut off your head,
    he'll watch you die.
    Friday the 13th,
    the boy who drowned,
    will once again,
    walk on solid ground.
    The boy who died,
    years before,
    will be knocking,
    at your door.
    All the death,
    all the screams,
    we'd like to wish you,
    a happy halloween.