• I just wanted you to know,
    That I'm here for you,
    Till the shadow passes,
    And there is no tomorrow,
    Till the summers leave us,
    Till the night consumes us,
    Till the flowers in bloom,
    No longer blush,
    Till the nights are cold,
    Till the world is dead,
    Till there are no breaths,
    From our corpses in bed,
    In the thick of the thickest,
    And the thin of the thinnest,
    Till the times we have shared,
    Are lost in remembrance,
    Till the sun no longer shines,
    Till the wind no longer blows,
    I'll be here for you always,
    And always love you so,
    If you ever need me,
    Just call out my name,
    I'll be right beside you,
    Through the darkness and pain,
    Till you're happy again,
    Till the light shines through,
    Till you remember,
    That I'm always here for you,
    Till your heart fills with warmth,
    With life and memories,
    Of the love that was shared,
    Between you and me,
    Till your mind is clear,
    Till your soul starts to sing,
    Till you feel all the goodness,
    And joy that you bring,
    To the loved ones around you,
    To the memories that grow,
    With each passing day,
    That you remember and know,
    That I'm always here for you,
    And I'm not the only one,
    Who's heart you have touched,
    And who's dreams you've begun,
    So remember please remember,
    That I'm on your side,
    Even if in time,
    We say goodbye,
    Even if we part,
    Even if we cry,
    I'll be here for you,
    Till the day that I die.