• Save me from myself
    And take away this pain
    As I fight to regain myself
    In the pouring rain
    The tears are pouring from my eyes
    And ever so clever disguise
    As I watch myself slip further away
    Each and every day
    I feel like I’m losing
    I can’t keep on choosing
    This path I move on to
    The things I can’t do
    I find myself falling
    While I keep on bawling out my eyes
    A clever disguise
    To hide the lies, the truth, and the pain
    Outside in the pouring rain
    I feel you
    Against my skin
    And I know (oh, I know)
    That I’m not alone
    In this world
    Rendered onto a mural
    In my heart
    The one place to start
    As I fall away
    As I fall from grace
    And here I am
    I’m all alone again
    No one here beside me
    Even though I feel your breath
    On my cheek, on my neck
    Where are you
    I’m so alone
    Sitting here cold to the bone
    And I’m alive
    Although I feel dead
    And I shall strive
    To get ahead
    Of myself
    And my pain
    I hate myself
    Again today
    Why is it so hard to die
    When it’s so hard to be alive?
    And here I am
    Once again
    Depressed and in Hell
    Locked away
    In an inhumane
    I can’t find the key
    So I sit here and bleed
    And wonder if I’ll survive….
    Because I’m still alive…
    I’m still alive…
    Still alive…
    Why is it so hard to die
    When it’s so hard to be alive?
    And the pain of it all
    Was that I could fall
    For you…
    And look what you do
    To me
    You’re a disease
    And I can’t bear to live without you
    Despite what you do
    To me
    By causing me misery…
    But I do not care
    To you I swear
    It’ll all get better in time
    As long as you’re mine
    Even though I lie to myself
    And destroy my health
    Thinking about you…
    And what I thought was true
    Like when you said you loved me….
    But now my blind eyes see…
    And today is the day
    I rise up and say
    I’m so over you…
    Although I’m nothing without you
    And I ask myself
    In the absence of health
    Why is it so hard to die
    When it’s so hard to be alive?
    Why is it so hard to die
    When… it’s so hard… to be… alive?