• Your voice is calming and mysterious
    With time I've became sometimes delirious
    The walks at night allow time to swallow
    All the dreams that were made to seem hallow
    With lips that always seem to invite
    And with my heart I must always requite
    You ask me the words, I will not defy
    The feelings I have I'll never deny
    White roses and red will never die
    With truth and destruction time won't pass us by
    Don't fail to believe me, I speak the sound
    Our heart's pounding is shaking the ground
    Play me the melody your dreams will mold
    I'll write you a harmony too great to be told
    Bright stars at night keep hearts alive
    Winter winds and ocean waves my memories derive
    Open your ears and hear the angel's sing
    Close your eyes to feel your feeling's ring
    Those eyes shimmer like the dead of night
    In your arms I rid of all fright
    That smile that shows when I'm by your side
    Gives me utter happiness I cannot hide
    Stare in the mirror to reflect your eyes
    I won't hide my heart, I'll never despise.