• I walked out of the house,
    It was cold.
    I went to the gate and noticed that is was old.
    It creaked with a groan when I swung opened then closed….

    I walked towards the pool house door; I walked inside and noticed a cat sitting on the diving board.
    The Wind blew, it made a howl.
    It sounded like it wanted me out.

    I went to the field where the tree with a swing stands.
    I look out to the sun setting,
    It’s getting dark,
    It’s getting colder.
    I ponder, and then wander.
    I was puzzled, and then I was afraid.
    I look out into the field, the tall grass gain a wave like movement with the breeze.
    The breeze is warm,
    I was shivering.
    I hear a creak it made me jump and squeak.
    The tree is behind me, it’s the swing.
    I freeze
    I thought I was alone,
    I was far from being right.
    I was going to turn,
    I was ready to fight.
    I turn
    What I saw was unexpected.
    Behind a boy
    No, a man with his head hung low,
    Set on the swing that was tied to that old tree.
    I can’t see his face.
    I hesitate,
    I walk towards him, he doesn’t move.
    ‘Is he okay?’
    He looked up when I advanced the distance between us,
    His face it’s smeared.
    From tears?
    His eyes were dark and red.

    I knelt to his level, laid my hand on his cheek.
    I say three words to make a smile appear on his face.
    “I found you.”