• "Excuse me sir, do you have the time?
    It seems I've lost my way.
    I now can't tell right from wrong,
    Or whether its night or day."
    The time, it went so fast.

    "For I’ve lost the will to thrive, you see,
    In our cunning modern age.
    A love so pure, that now is gone
    I hear is all the rage."
    It's now lost in my past.

    "I’m not your fellow broken child.
    I don’t wish to make you weep,
    But the truth, dear sir, is plainly seen;
    Love is never meant to keep."
    The days grow very vast

    "He was my heart and soul you know,
    And without it, how do I live?
    The answer to the question is, I don’t;
    Though I have so much more to give."
    Forever now the outcast

    "Dear sir, I’m sorry to intrude,
    But I really need the time.
    Pay no attention to my breaking heart,
    I really am just fine."
    It was never bound to last.