• Fleeting thoughts as two eyes meet.
    While walking along a busy street.
    One boy, one girl, two hearts collide.
    Both of them feel it deep down inside.
    People walk passed but it doesn‘t matter.
    As all their defenses break and shatter.
    Hearts racing and mouths go dry.
    Time slows down as they walk by.
    They both seem to be two worlds apart.
    But neither can deny the pull in their heart.
    The boy clears his throat and breathes in deep.
    The girl is uncertain if she should take this leap.
    The fear is noticeable in both of their eyes.
    But both can hear the unheard cries.
    The boy can see her unseen tears.
    The girl can sense his unspoken fears.
    The boy bites his lip and tries to think.
    How did this girl pull him from the brink?
    The girl just can’t seem to figure it out.
    How does this boy make her heart shout?
    More steps follow as they draw near.
    Hearts pounding wildly, both can hear.
    The boy tries to speak but he’s tongue-tied.
    The girl is afraid of being denied.
    A few more steps and they’re face to face.
    Ignoring all the people, they slowly embrace.
    The boy holds her close and holds her tight.
    The girl holds on with all of her might.
    The boy takes a deep breath and lets out a soft sigh.
    And wipes the girl’s tears as she starts to cry.
    Fleeting thoughts as two lips meet.
    Ignoring the others on a busy street.

    ©April Dawn