• He's the one
    You'd love to see.
    The boy better looking
    Than you or me.

    All the girls want his number,
    Some even want to date
    This boy is so sexy,
    Even the boys imitate.

    His life maybe great,
    And his grades might be good,
    But there's a reason
    Why he's misunderstood.

    He had a girlfriend.
    Prettiest I've ever seen.
    An innocent girl,
    No older than 16.

    They went on a ride,
    In which "fun" was for sure.
    She thought the night would end,
    Asking for more.

    But this boy had other plans,
    He wanted "other" fun.
    So he knew what to do
    With his rope and handgun.

    He took her somewhere,
    A place dark and hidden,
    When the stripping and kissing
    and passion arisen.

    The girl says,
    "I love you so much, I want you now!"
    And he replies,
    Easy or rough, just tell me how.

    "Please hurry up" She said
    "I really don't care"
    So he grabbed her,
    And ripped off her underwear.

    With one free hand,
    He grabbed the rope,
    And with one quick glance,
    She'd given up hope.

    He overpowered her,
    And tied up her hands.
    "This is going to be fun"
    As he took off his pants.

    "Someone help me!"
    The girl shouts and begs.
    "We're miles from the city"
    Says he opening her legs.

    "Please stop this,
    I promise not to tell."
    "I'm sorry!" he said,
    As his c**k started to swell

    "Don't do this please,
    I'll still be your friend--"
    But it was too late,
    As he shoved himself in,

    For longer than 10
    But less than an hour,
    He violated her
    With all of his power.

    "It's almost over"
    The boy says, tired.
    He lost all of his passion
    When his ill-seed fired.

    "Can I leave now?
    The damage is done."
    That's when the boy
    Reached for his gun.

    "Oh please, Oh please!
    You can have me again"
    But he just looked down
    With a wicked grin.

    "No don't, please,
    I'll say I forgot."
    But he shook his head
    And fired one shot.

    His mind, his thoughts.
    And 4 windows were clear,
    With a scary hue
    Of light crimson from the rear.

    "I can't believe it,
    My girl is gone"
    She's the only thing I loved.
    I don't wanna live on.

    "I don't deserve to live,
    I deserve to be dead."
    So he fired his pistol
    Into the side of his head.