• He had such a prosperous life,
    a loving family, a darling wife.
    He loved the lord and lvoed him good,
    he'll go to heaven; we all knew he would.
    He never smoked, so I didn't know how,
    he got cancer and all I could say was "wow".
    He fought his way through wearing a smile,
    even though he was sick for a long, long while.
    His love and compassion was passed to our lives,
    mothers,brothers, his children and wife.
    My grandpa put his life in God's hands,
    and God took him away to the heavenly lands.
    His traits were great, his heart was bold,
    from the day he was born to the time he was old.

    Rest in Peace dear grandpa Robert Hess,
    oh how I mis you so.
    I'll love you till the end of time,
    and I'll never let you go.

    I heart you always. From J-Pa cry