• Drowning in a pool of blood,
    In a shattered dream,
    Surrounded by nothing but shadows,
    So bleak it all seems.
    Searching, and searching,
    But to no avail,
    No light can be seen,
    Inside this shattered dream.
    A hand reaches out,
    Yet I cannot reach back,
    For when I do,
    The farther away it moves.
    My lungs start to burn,
    Longing for the sweet air
    I can no longer reach.
    I feel my body start to quiver,
    As I desperately try to hold my breath.
    The pain becomes too much,
    As I open my mouth to scream,
    But no sound escapes my lips.
    Rather the bright red liquid pours into my mouth.
    I taste the metallic liquid as it runs down my throat,
    And begins to fill my lungs,
    As my body starts to thrash.
    Not before to long has past,
    My lungs are filled,
    And then at last as I draw no breath,
    My corps is lifted from the lake of blood.
    The one once loved cradles me gently,
    As the tears start to fall,
    Concluding this shattered dream.