• My love for you, you can feel
    Yet, what do you do?
    You simply ignore it like nothing
    As much as you hurt me...
    I didn't say for I didn't want to hurt you

    I can't take it anymore
    Who do you think you are to hurt me like that
    you're just.. just the person I loved
    Loved in the whole world
    I can't take it anymore...

    You made me smile like you're an expert
    You make me cry like you're a reaper
    But why, why can't I just forget about you
    After all this time, I knew you were someone else
    Whom I don't know...

    You're a player, you play with my heart
    You're a magician, you make magic appear
    You're a reaper, you kill me inside...
    I wish you never entered my life..
    You never knew how love hurts...