• Keep telling yourself
    it's better this way...
    Maybe it is? Who knows?
    But face it... You're ********
    Gone to the dogs
    Drowned in your dirt
    Choking on filth
    Did you love her?
    Did you really?
    Then why?

    Question from sunrise to sunset
    Memories like a video cassette.
    Play, pause, rewind, play
    repeat... repeat... repeat...
    Drown yourself in tears
    She deserves every damn tear..
    Hurt yourself
    Like you hurt her
    Hate yourself
    Like she hates you

    Hear that? Silence
    Feel that? Nothing
    Awake in soltitude
    Slumber in the past
    Alone.. Like you should be
    She wasted her time...
    You lost your torniqutte..

    But don't you worry
    She'll smile again
    She'll laugh, she'll love
    But not with you
    You'll never be what you said..
    You could never do what you said..