• we stand in awe before that which cannot be explained
    the sky was told to be a watchful eye,
    a seeker who was searching relentlessly for a successor,
    a god to those below him,
    a beacon for those who see the sight of the bright and vast sky,
    a overseer watching over every action and move we make,
    a lover, for the moon who he longed to touch always eluded him, the vast sky is still a mystery,
    we know very little of its existence,
    a protector,
    a beacon of hope,
    a god,
    a lover,
    a seeker,
    but how can we tell if the sky are these things,
    we therefore must stand in awe of this un explained thought ,
    but how can we stand in awe of that which cannot be explained?
    by believing in the impossible idea of the sky having not only a vast area of mass,
    but the thought of the sky also having a vast heart.