• I’m sorry
    for everything that’s happened,
    for everything we’ve been though together .
    the good and the bad,
    I’m sorry
    I believed you when said
    you loved me.
    I’m sorry
    I let myself fall in love with you,
    sorry that I can’t stop and never will be able to.
    I’m sorry
    that we fight over the stupidest of things.
    I’m sorry
    that I’m not the girl you want or need,
    most of all I’m sorry
    for you.
    Sorry that you will never truly understand
    the way I feel about you.
    I’m sorry
    that you can’t feel how much I care for you
    and how much hurt I feel when we fight.
    How much of that hurt if for you and not me.
    I’m sorry
    that you can’t understand that the tears
    that fall from my eyes are
    for you and not me.
    I’m sorry
    because you don’t understand
    and never will