• I don’t understand how one moment someone is your best friend and just
    Like that they turn into your enemy, how you can grow up with someone but
    When it comes down to it they just talk mess. How forever turns into a few
    Months or weeks that you want back so badly but are gone. And how the simple
    Words I love you, have a thousand meanings and yet having the reason to
    Say it it’s taken back. Just how someone could say your my best friend and
    Then turn around and think u can’t hear them say the same thing to the next
    Person. You can be so close to someone but when someone who looks better
    Or is more popular comes in your out. And someone can say I have your
    Back and just walk off and ignore your calls. How someone can go from
    Being so happy and preppy too being so sad and e.m.o. somebody just says
    I’ll be here for you, but they never hear your cry for help. The words,
    "Ill never let anything happen to you" are shared thousands of times a
    Day and 85% of the time the speaker never follows through. And how a loving
    Parent could be "against" child abuse but can’t stop beating their kids.
    And how that parent can and will keep doing it because cps doesn’t care and
    Won’t come get the child, but when the child runs to a safer place about 5 hours
    Later they starts looking for them because what else do they have to take
    Out their anger on? When an adult makes a paddle to beat their child that says
    Board of education on it cps should know that the situation has been taken too
    Far awhile ago. And I wonder how people go along acting like relationships
    Never end or never happened and they never miss or love or hate anyone. And how people act
    Like they didn’t want a last hug or kiss before they were left widowed. How
    People won’t stop cutting themselves even though it hurts their friends
    More than it hurts them. And how people who should have so much guilt live without it.
    How smokers can act like they don’t care how bad the crap is for them
    But if they weren’t so high maybe they could figure things out. How a person
    Can feel so strongly for another that has no feeling for them, or doesn’t
    Wish to share it. And how one person could be so deep in a point of depression
    Without notice or acknowledgement from anyone.