• I Just Wanna...
    © Erika Maria Badillo

    Verse 1
    Every time I see your face
    My heart will always weep
    Every time I close my eyes
    You haunt me when I sleep.
    Every time that I dream of you
    You're there kissing me
    And every time that you see me
    My heart skips a beat.

    I just wanna love you
    I just wanna kiss your lips
    I just wanna hold you tight
    And make sure you are mine

    Verse 2
    Every time I walk these empty halls
    Your face I'll always seek
    Every time I turn around
    You're always right behind me.
    Every time when I write a song
    I'll always think of you
    And every time that I think of you
    You seem to complete me.


    Love me baby
    Kiss me tonight
    Hold me closely
    And make sure it's tight.

    Say you'll stay with me
    Through the night
    Come on baby
    Let's make this right.

    Chorus 2x