• You’re the reason why I wake
    You’re the amazing summer break
    Every single winter star
    The royalty of the entire Russian czar
    All the soft autumn rain
    The ecstasy of relieving pain
    Every sunset just before night
    Every brisk uplifting sight
    The leaves upon the wind
    Every single perfect sin
    The happy buzz of rum
    The nightly locust hum
    All the whistles from the birds
    All that’s perfect in our words
    The light that shines right down
    The moments when smiles are no longer frowns
    Just like being high upon the clouds
    Or in the shadows and the shrouds
    Something so far away
    Brought to you right today
    All the angels from the skies
    Every truth instead of lies
    No less than a rose’s red
    The joy of never being dead
    You’re the reason why I wake
    You’re the soft uplifting shake
    No matter for any sake
    The glimmer on a lake
    The mountains capped with snow
    The applauding at a show
    You’re all that the sun can be
    And more and more I see
    You’re all that gives me sake
    That you’re the reason why I wake