• frozen heart ,set in stone
    butcherd, battered, all alone
    no light within
    no light without
    frightined? lonley? without a doubt!
    wanting to ask, 4 help, it plea
    (sighs) it is hopless, cant you see?

    but in this frozen prison i feel
    a distant heat, strong as steel
    is this the hero to fix my plight?
    i hope, i wonder, through the night.

    day 1 has begun: my heart is waiting...
    a gental touch, a voice of caring.
    could it be iv'e begun to melt?
    impossible,must be wishing i felt.

    day two starts: it is clear,
    the voice is love that i hear.
    kindness, tenderness, and sincear,
    powerfull whisper says: "do not fear"
    this voice is closer,oh so near

    a cracking sound, and melting too!
    im still hurting, but feel so new
    im changing,fast like morning dew
    please hurry i ask, i need you!

    day three began: im on fire,
    with love,with joy, with desire.
    a feeling i thought would never come,
    the healing of me has begun.

    what is the name of this: i ask
    1st no sound, then a "CRASH"
    the pain is gone, and too the cold,
    for now i am no longer alone...

    my heart have healed, what should i do?
    my heart is warm, the sky is blue.
    what should i do? what must i do?
    run as fast as i can to you!