• I needed a hand to hold,after the nigthmare there wont be a dawn.I hold to your promes,you'll wake me in my home.O yes i know...all the things bellow.Things i told you to save me from beeing alone.But for me,for me you are everything.MY hero,my life,my love,my soul,my own flesh,my self,my mind and my heart.But just help me guet through another day.The day where i will show you of what i'm made.Yes,i'll be strong.Would you?Guet on your nee... marry me.

    I know i'm the worst but i'm the best cool
    I know i'm mean but i just dont care twisted
    I know i'm ugly but i'm hotter than you lol
    I'm only a liar but i have such a good fasion sence 3nodding
    I know some times i just dont give a s**t but you all are my life.
    I know i know...may not be the biggest damn thing but for some reason i hate my life. cry
    And thats why i like to tell goods things of me to feel like i worth a life talk2hand