• Look At this marvelous invention.
    Could I have actually done it right?
    If this time it, Will surpass and fly...What a common misconception
    Have I wrote it write?
    Now It just might..
    NOw it just MIGHT!

    With the knowledge I'm holding..
    I won't take the blame!
    cos' once they've done their scolding..
    They'll be the one's in shame!
    I've got this mezmic slight of hand
    I've got to stay up proud!
    It just makes me wanna stand!
    UP and round up the crowd,
    Now this time I've got,
    what I've always wanted!
    A feather-down bed not a cot!
    But now that I have it i'll flaunt it!
    For this New invention.

    It Can fly and where,
    hold it breath over there,
    It Will stroll through the park,
    It will not bite, but it'll bark.
    I swear that I will be,
    As marvelous as the sea!
    So this Marvelous,
    New Invention!
    Is just right for contention.
    This wonderous new machine,
    Will work fine and not only for me!

    With This grand and chilling feeling
    All My hopes and dreams are alive!
    Look at how it simply holds the ceiling
    It could even help you try and dive!

    With this knowledge that i'm holding.
    I won't take any shame.
    cos' once they're done with their scolding..
    They'll be the one's To blame.