• Cut my wrist and slit my throat.I must be emo.

    wearing skinny jeans or covoring your eyes with your hair.I must be Emo.

    Having no emotions for things you should have emotions for.I must be Emo.

    People shouldnt say things or insult people because there emo,goth, or gay/bi.

    People in This world assume others are emo just because they wear dark color skinny jeans or wear alot of black.

    Kids have lived up to where people attack them,tried to kill them, write slurbs on there locker, hurt them till they can't live no more.

    Nobody should insult you because of what you wear,just look at what there wearing, People just hurt you emotionly for thinking and assuming something your not

    Just getting hurt so bad by other people, just makes you think suicidal.

    just makes you want to CUT yourself into your soul.

    Being Emo makes me a dark person

    Being Emo makes me live longer and make more friends even if people hurt me

    Being scene or emo is cool to me, and get's people to crush on me.

    acting gay and free like an emo kid makes me feel confident like I have something in me

    Created by TheDevilWearsPrada13
    which is an emo kid.
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