• the stars that
    grace the sky
    upon the deep blue
    of night
    so bright
    are coals
    next to your eyes

    the moonlight
    upon your face
    dances with
    hynotic grace
    makes my
    heart race
    so that even the
    wind can not keep pace

    the gentleness
    of your touch
    nothing has
    ever meant so much
    truly a
    celestral rush
    wholy sanctifing
    as such

    within your smile
    i get lost
    your happiness
    at any cost
    it's saving grace
    my life's cause
    it's unjudging perfection
    makes my heart pause

    at the
    sound of your voice
    my heart has no choice
    even at its whisper
    makes my existence rejoice
    pure heaven
    sweet and moist

    just to be
    near you
    there is nothing
    i would not do
    bliss greater than that
    Eden knew
    closeness a steroid
    making every second new

    the softness
    of your laughter
    changes life
    here after
    i am, breath and soul,
    yours to capture

    my salvation
    your presence
    my life's purpose
    ever since
    soul enflamed
    even by your silence
    my pain
    is in the past tense

    with perfection
    you define
    every paridise
    of mine
    the likes of which
    i will never agian find
    to thee
    my heart i do bind

    with evry second
    that passes by
    till the day
    that i die
    you are my
    soul's cry
    on your sweet existence
    i get high

    and when your in
    my arms at last
    my imperfections i cast
    my life a ship
    you are my mast
    the heavens a sea
    even the stars we shall pass

    till eternity is
    no more
    a pass on
    the child the virgin bore
    when the angels
    no longer soar
    i will, still,
    love you for an eternity more