• Everybody knew her,
    But they didn't know her,
    The only name they knew her by,
    Was "The Baker's Daughter"

    Nobody knew why she did it,
    Or if the baby is still alive,
    Someone knows,
    Make a good guess

    She was good,
    Too good,
    But that "day" came,
    Her father left...

    She didn't know how to take care of herself,
    Or, in fact, the baby,
    No one did,
    She was alone

    Lonely was she,
    Her baby and she,
    But soon only it would be

    So, what did she bake?
    Bread, of course,
    But, was that all that she baked?

    Oh, how I retrieved the crying mess of bread!
    Oh, how I remember!
    Oh, the blood that poured from her wound!
    Oh, why, why did strike herself?!

    So here lies I,
    I, and the crying mess of bread,
    I and it, but one thing that's gone...
    The Baker's Daughter