• I tell you how I feel, but you leave me in ruins
    I put my self in denial because of you
    This world we live in is a nightmare
    Escaping to my own world, where no one can hurt me
    Where no one can enter
    Just a faded memory to you, a girl who wasn’t enough for you
    A girl who gave her all to make you happy
    Dance among the sorrow filled lies
    Broken promises, tear filled nights
    I tell you how I feel, you make me feel invisible
    Absorbed in thought of how we could be
    Of how reality had to be, instead of what could be
    Fake smiles, and longing souls
    Shattered mirrors, Truth unwinds
    Triumph to neither side
    I am a girl who had her heart ripped out
    I am one who suffers from love
    I am those who cannot speak for themselves
    Stitches cannot fix the past and what it has done
    A mended heart will always be broken in the future
    I still feel the same about you, after all the pain I went through
    A glass heart thrown around, not noticing how fragile
    Fake a smile, pretend everything is okay
    A memory left to fade away with the dust
    Take my life with a sliver bullet, put me in my place
    Take me with a silver bullet, send me to where I belong
    The broken promises left on the horizon
    The wishes left in the clouds
    And the daydreams of us left in the sky
    I tell you how I feel, and you leave me in ruins
    Hold on, somebody will find you
    No one found me
    Give me a chance to prove my self
    Why do you torture me this way?
    Why do you do this to me?
    Rip my heart out, crush it with everything you have
    A twisted lie shows your story
    Goodbye is all that left your lips
    Walk away with out another word, forever