• Like dawnless days and breathless lips,
    Shining faces with broken tips,
    Dreams broken then renewed,
    And empty skies to face our dues.

    Yet all wishes hopes proceed,
    Boundless tears for all to see,
    No one face can seem the same,
    For those who seek for hidden games.

    The blank faced clock now ticking off,
    Broken dolls and ripped up notes,
    A trail of blood flows from within,
    Those shining faces now grow dim.

    A field of daisies now grows men,
    All that broken boys breathe in,
    And poisoned penned lovers lie,
    For all who know must break their ties.

    But immortal man and mortal god,
    Weapons broken then newly shod,
    The ticking clock now winds down,
    And those shining faces can no longer be found.