• When i first look into ur eyes
    The whole world passed me by
    Then we got to know each other
    I even met your mother
    You told me you loved me
    But is it really ment to be

    We finally broke up
    No one ever thought we would
    That's when I i yelled "How could you............YOU GO WIT MY FRIEND"
    I was screamin inside
    Hopeing that it wouldn't blast out
    I fall in love so quickly
    Without a doubt
    So is it really ment to be

    I met you again
    You weren't going wit my friend
    I was so relieved

    I need love dats all i need
    So why can't you show me dat i pleed
    He said he do love me
    Nd dat him nd my friend weren't ment to be
    Nd all he's der for is me

    Till dis day i still love him
    but not tryin to show it
    so here's my poem
    nd i had fun
    give me the streanth that i won't blow it