• i stare up at that black midnight sky,
    and i can't help but think of you.
    i have held the pain and tears in for so long,
    but now i can no longer lie.

    i miss you,
    i miss your smile,
    i miss your warm hugs,
    and now i cry every once in a while.

    i hear your name everytime the wind blows;
    it rings around me like a never ending chord on a guitar.
    oh how the pain lasts,
    and with every second i believe im in hell;
    now i think of how i use to admire you from afar.

    i miss your sweet words;
    i miss your gentle touch;
    i miss your succulent lips.
    how can i miss somebody this much?

    i remeber the first time we met.
    you were with your friends and i with mine,
    but you came up to me and flirted;
    giving me cheesy lines.
    Later that evening you gave me the biggest kiss that i would never forget.

    i miss the gentle brush of your lips on my skin;
    i miss your body close to mine;
    i miss you holding me when i cry,
    and now,
    without crying,
    i can't even look at other peoples kin.

    the pain grows worse with every comming day;
    stabbing at my chest with the blade of heartbreak.
    my life will never be the same,
    just.. incomplete.
    i know i did you wrong in the past,
    so i guess now im going to pay.

    i miss your eyes of baby blue;
    i miss your laughter,
    and the way you held my hand in yours.
    but the thing that i will miss the most..
    is you.