• I love her but she got a man
    And I'm like damn
    But he left her and I held hand
    Walked through the sand
    Now I'm planting my seeds in a foreign land cool
    And now she says forget him because she know I can
    Make her forget him quick like she got no memory gland
    Gave her a finger band
    Better yet just call it a ring
    And now I sing
    That she is the best thing
    Now my lil mama feels amazing
    like she just got finished with round 4 in the boxing ring
    No longer a fling
    Now this is love
    And you boys from hell cant touch her because she is above
    And she got a man
    Now yall be like dam
    I still hold her hand
    And walk through the sand
    Wont leave her alone and damage her
    This is for Jasmine Mishelle Saniyah Amaker heart cool