• "That's really shallow.
    How could you
    Just run off with another girl
    And say we're through?"

    He sighed and replied,
    "If I loved you
    Would I really run away?
    This is just
    To ease some pain."

    She cried with sadness and anger too..
    Until she spoke again.
    "That's not nice
    For you to do.
    It hurts inside
    Because of you.
    I see she'll get hurt
    Because of you
    It's all your fault.
    We're really through!"

    She ran in pain
    Could not look back.
    It hurt to see him talk like that.

    "Poor girl, she is.
    She'll just get hurt.
    I can't let this happen.
    I won't, I won't.
    But what do I do?"

    He was awestruck
    By her words.
    He screamed in frustration.
    He was not heard.

    "I love them both,
    I do, I do.
    I just can't choose between the two!

    He noticed the floor
    Marked, looked wet.
    Then he realized she was crying.

    "What have I done?
    Other then hurt a soul...
    I might hurt another
    But I won't, I won't.
    I won't let this happen
    I can't see it go through.
    I'll apologize to her
    Everything will be good.

    He followed the trail
    Of her tears
    He found her on a bench,
    He was very near.
    He began to run
    Tears in his own eyes
    With only few words to describe..

    "Don't cry! Don't cry!
    I care for you.
    Please don't cry.
    I won't know what to do.
    I only know this
    That with you its a blessing
    From heaven above.
    Be mine, won't you?
    After all... I finally realized...

    That it's you I love. It could never be more true. Just wanted to say, I love you."