• I cried
    Remembering the day you slipped away
    Remembering the way you held me fast
    Remembering what you said
    I cried
    Knowing I would never see you again
    Looking in the mirror at my tearstained eyes
    Missing you and all you taught me
    I Cried
    Remembering growing up with you there
    Remembering "Baby Monkey" and "Boochen"
    Remembering the early years
    I Cried
    Sometimes happy you didn't have to deal with me anymorE
    Remembering my recent bad treatment
    No longer having you means I must face this world alone
    I Cried
    Knowing why you went away
    It was me, seeing the poison you held every day
    When I realized, I did not help
    Only made the disease worsen
    Closed minded was I at the options there were
    Ichose hate and violence as my answer
    Bringing you to tears every day
    But I realized not the price we both would pay
    In the end we both lost
    Though we could have chosen a different way
    I Cried
    When I saw you in the bed
    When I held your hand, swolen and hot
    When you spoke but no words formed
    I Cried
    When they said there was little hope
    When you said "I love you" for the last time
    Not knowing that was the last I would see
    I Cried