• the world is a cruel place to be
    it has lost sight of wat's evil and good
    our world has fallen to war
    and even angles won't soar
    Wings are tearing with each unkind act
    our world is dying and that's the fact

    They say it's the future
    it's for the best
    but what about life
    when does death rest

    this is torture to sit and watch
    all the lives that have fallen
    all the blood that has shed
    all the things we have done
    for moeny or greed

    people take what they can
    but give nothing back
    we pass down the wisdoms of the past
    but our world will not last

    We come with guns, bombs and weapons of sort
    but we forget what's most important in life
    each other

    We could make peace
    we could get along
    we could have a fire
    and sing a song

    But greed and want over powers it all
    but the future may change or stay be
    we can do more then wait and see
    we can make a better life you and me