• Lorein,
    To hate you is a path I never want to go down
    I love you so much as the world spins around
    everytime I see a green van it makes me want to cry
    and when I look into the stars i can remember your eye
    I'm sorry you feel so hurt and torn
    and i feel I should have never been born
    I didn't want you to spill your guts
    but I took the knife like an awful klutz
    to love you as deep as I do
    I'll never hate the sight of you
    I want to look you in the face
    and admit to my disgrace
    I was dumb when I said I never wanted you
    and now the list goes through and through
    but ms. lionheart, I never want you to leave me
    because all I'm doing is setting the monster free
    the monster of what used to be me
    please know this isn't a lie
    and without you how can I be fine
    you are the wind to my fire
    the object of my desire
    and I love you like I've never loved before
    I won't leave you at deaths door
    I'll be your little pet
    if you won't regret
    and everytime i think of you i start to cry
    a little piece within me starts to die
    I don't want to hurt you
    I'll never hate you
    I'm sorry for being a fool
    because now foolishness is cool
    please forgive me
    and love me
    and hold me while I cry these tears of blood
    hold me in the middle of the snowy wood
    because I'm yours
    no more blood, no more gore.