• May my Luner howl reach the moons ears,
    The melody of it causing your trance,
    The song of the Luner, our people call,
    You hide with your Silver, good leagth away,
    But my ears do not decieve me although my deathly howl,
    I hear your steps as clearly as the wind blows,
    This night I have no need for that flesh of yours,
    So I leave you be, but only for this night, but I may get you another night,
    The days where they used to worship me and my bretherin, calling us their Gods,
    But those days have left,
    We are now but demons to them,
    But I'll forgive you this one night and make my back home,
    Feel lucky tonight young lad, cause I feel genorous,
    So I'll let you free, but only this night though,
    I'll wait for the next Full Moon to take you back with me,
    Cause I love you,
    You soon will be like me,
    Brothers and Sisters wait for our new arrival he shall be the mate of my choice