• Can’t escape this hell, Knowing that I will walk alone, Its time to run, So many times I've tried, Crying and hiding this feeling, No where to go, I'm still caged inside, I’m ready to lose control, I can't control myself, I just don’t know what to do Wish I could show you all the pain inside me, Got to break the chains, I can't escape my life, I’m tired, so tired of walking through this dark nightmare, Somebody help me tame this rage inside, So many times I've lied, Save Me, Free me from this animal, I got to get away, Help me believe, there's still God, I’m trapped inside this tidal wave, Save me from this animal, I feel shadows in my room, There’s nothing left, Show me the way, Lead me to heaven when I die, I will stay my room, hiding from darkest side of me, Help me believe it's not the real me, I know you hear me, Free me, I’m hiding this feeling, hiding from angels, I want a move but I’m caged inside,
    It seems this animal, No one will ever change, nor kill, or save, will survive, the shadow on the wall, save us all. This animal, I have become.
    I will stay.