• Lady Redd,
    Born With Hair of Scarlet,
    Was Loved and Cherished by the Land
    Lady Bleu,
    Born With Eyes of Sapphire,
    Was Given the Crown, the Love, and Attention
    Lady Redd,
    Abandoned, Her Attention, Her Love Swept Away,
    By Her Little Sister,
    The Lady Bleu,
    Lady Redd,
    Now Full of Sorrow,
    Went to Lord Blacke,
    He Gave Her a Rose and a Ruby,
    He Said
    “The Only Thing to Compare With Redd is Red”
    Not Fully Understanding, But Grateful All the Same,
    Lady Redd,
    Took the Bloom and Gem,
    From the Rose, She Made a White Dress, the Lovely Red Flower in Its Collar,
    From the Ruby, She Made a Necklace, Draped Around Her Neck by a Golden Chain
    The People Took Notice,
    And Began to Focus
    On the Incomparable Elegance of Lady Redd
    Lady Bleu Fell to Envy,
    Unused to Not Being Awed Upon,
    And Sought Out Lord Blacke,
    To Her He Gave a Blue Ribbon and a Bluebell
    And Said
    “The Only Thing that Rivals Bleu is Blue”
    Like Her Sister, She Did Not Understand
    But She Accepted the Gifts and Took Her Leave
    With the Bluebell, She Made a Bracelet of its Blossoms
    With the Ribbon, She Tied Her Hair
    Amazed by This Change,
    Everyone Marveled at Lady Bleu
    Lady Redd
    Watched as Her Little Sister, Once More, Took All the Attention,
    Filled With Hate, Jealousy, and Sorrow,
    Lady Redd Took Another Visit,
    On the Lord Blacke
    He Merely Looked Up, Said Not a Word,
    And Handed Her a Knife,
    Finally, He Spoke, Once More
    “The Only Thing To Compare With Redd is Red”
    Finally, She Understood, and Left Without a Word
    Then, Late at Night,
    Lady Redd Crept to the Room
    Of the Lady Bleu
    And Raised Her Knife High
    And From the Lady Bleu’s Chest
    Came a Sparkling, Pooling Red, as She Came to Her Final Rest,
    And, Silently,
    Lady Redd Repeated
    “The Only Thing to Compare to Redd is Red”
    “The Sparkling Elixir of Life”
    Later That Evening, She Walked Toward the Gallows,
    Her Once Lovely Dress, a Mess of Splattered Red
    And From the Crowd,
    Lord Blacke Watched, With Eyes Both Disgust and Amusement, Staring
    At a Woman Gone Mad With Jealousy