• Multicolored light reflected in your shining eyes
    the sky is dancing in between the sparks that fall and never fly
    but even stars that change from green to blue could never take my attention off of you

    if the sky was like the sea, and every star would be a wave
    how can you make a constellation behave?
    what if there's truth inside a dream, and its not always a matter of fact
    because you always make my heart react

    and when i close my eyes, i see your face
    loving you is as easy as lemonade pie
    i catch myself listening to your playlist almost every night

    turn up the volume til i drown myself out
    the words remind me of what i can't say out-loud
    oh and i know i'm not brave, but your smile has me captivated

    oh those bright eyes, they take my-take my breath away
    just one smile, burst the color from the grey
    please meet me, in the fields we'll dream together
    the stars will be our guide and we can run forever

    three years still won't change a thing
    i'll run into your arms, and when you hold me
    my heart will still race and my ears will still ring

    babe if you just stopped and looked around
    you'd see me next to you, heart safe and sound
    i know you'd die before you set me free
    just please come back so i know you're not a dream