• Breaking through the murk I see no brightness,
    I'm in a gloom mysterious night.
    In the corner of the room,
    My tearful eyes no longer can be consumed.
    I walk over to a little sparkling star,
    What is it? It seems very far.
    Closer I walked to the sparkling star,
    Then I stop, it's the head lights of a car.
    The car comes and goes through me,
    It flips and tumbles and hits a big tree.
    Soon the other cars were there,
    The lights from them looked like a fair.
    They pull two bodies from the car,
    I see one of them, it was my star.
    I followed it to a small room,
    And I enter it I hear a familiar tune.
    There's a small little bed with a small child,
    As the doctor left I waited a while.
    I approached slowly and I saw,
    My good friend lying there looking so dead.
    I collapsed in agony and cried,
    I told her don't you dare die!
    But it was too late. She grew pale and was gone.
    But she went inside of me.
    And through her friends,
    She said to us, I'll be with you till the end.