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    My Angel

    Even in this messed up world,
    Theres angels doing the things they do,
    They bring smiles to the people around them,
    There're angels just like you

    Angels under stand difficulties,
    They always give the benefit of doubt,
    They dont judge others by standards,
    Coz thats what inner beauties all about

    Angels multiply your smiles and add to your integrity
    They make you feel like'hey im someone who matters'
    Thats what you do for me

    If you come across an angel
    Youre one of the luckiest of all
    They take away your fears and inhibitions
    And will catch you if you ever fall

    Angels dont hold things against you,
    The only thing they hold is you,
    They dont play hide and seek with the truth,
    And are never intentionaly cruel

    Angels have never got hidden agendas,
    They build bridges, They dont build walls,
    They take your hand when you need guidance,
    And help you to walk tall

    An angel walks beside you,
    They always see you through,
    Its a blessing to have a love so true

    Well i have found and have loved my angel,
    I just want to let her know,
    So its best i tell the world her name,
    Its my mother Yvonne and the rest you know.

    Thank you mummy for being my No1 Angel
    God Bless you mum
    I miss you loads now and i always will
    I love you dearly.

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