• To be kept in the shadows,
    While the chains of freedom
    Shortens as my burdens grow,
    My existance falls deeper
    Into the forgotten realm.

    But the chains are weakenig
    As I struggle to be let loose
    Day in ad day out.
    Then I can run away from
    The tightly grasping claws
    Of the shadows, that
    Slowly tainted my mind over
    Many years.

    And now here I am.
    Gently drifting down
    This river of never
    Ending hate.
    Though the chains have shattered,
    More and more of them seem
    To form around me.

    But it doesn't matter now.
    For no matter what is done
    To escape the heartless shadows,
    Once they have hold,
    They will not let go.

    I've realized that,
    So now I wait for the end
    Of the river, to drag me down under
    To the only path of true freedom.