• A giggle, a laugh, a childish smile,
    She looks up at her father waving to him.
    He brings her into an embrace, so she just smiles at him
    When he lets her out she shows him the flowers she hid behind her back.
    “These are for you daddy!” She told as a girl of four would.
    Her father fought back the tears and smiled,
    Whispering, “Thank you my dear” in her ear.
    “Promise you wont forget me daddy.” She said again. “I promise” He told in a low voice.
The mother just stood back looking at her husband as the tears steam down her face.
    “Be safe” was the word she kept mumbling to him.
    When he picked up his bag he saw his daughter and wife run to him for one last hug.
    They didn’t know if they were to see him again.
    They didn’t know if he was going to write.
    All they knew was that he was going to war.
    Leaving his wife and daughter back home and maybe without a father and a husband.

    As the daughter grew older and older,
    She never did hear from her father.
    Her mother just said it’d be all right he’d be home soon.
    She always said the same thing,
    She’d said the same thing since the girl was four.
    It never changed and the mother never wanted to believe that her lover may be dead.
    The daughter just always sat at the door waiting for a letter.
    Waiting for news, though no one ever came and said something,
    She always knew something had happened.
    Though it wasn’t yesterday nor maybe in the past something was going to happen
    Something terrible indeed or maybe something great.

    Now the daughter is a senior in high school.
    Her father hasn’t come home yet.
    To her, her father to her never existed.
    Her mother was thirty though it never showed.
    She was still so worried about the man she loved.
    She’d began to doubt if he went to war,
    She began to doubt weather or not he loved her still.
    When it came to her daughters graduation,
    She’d saved a chair just incase he may have came.
    The ceremony went on, and he never came.
    “Mrs?” was called from behind the mother and she turned her head.
    He asked her “I need to find my daughter and wife do you know who they are?”
    When he’d asked the question tears swelled in her eyes.
    She nodded and said, “Come sit with me”
    She’d told him her name, but he never said his.
    When the ceremony finished she finally asked.
“Were you in the war here sir?
    If you were may I ask a question?”
    He nodded and said “Yes I’ve fought in the war for fourteen years no brake no nothing if thats what your wondering”
    She smiled then kissed him.
    “You’ve come back my love.”
    He just looked at her then smiled now knowing who she was.

    His daughter came up to him asking who he was.
    His reply was “I’m your father now nothing needs to be said”
    She knew who he was. She remembered what she did when she was little with him
    It made her happy though it made her weak to know that she didn’t like him since he left her
    Because he fought in the war for her freedom.
    When they went to dinner she said one thing.
    “You’ve been out of my life. I know, but I have something to say. I love you daddy. You didn’t forget.”