• Where did that feeling come from?
    Why did he have to leave?
    So many questionts that make me fall to my knees,
    It seems he doesnt love me,
    and I will always be alone,
    for if he doesnt love me,
    then my world is gone.

    I dont want to live,
    without him right here,
    he is my one true love,
    and he left me in the dust,
    I guess my love for him meant nothing to him,
    he left me lying on the floor with a broken heart,
    How many times can a heart be broken?
    Beofre it learns to never trust again?
    How many ways can I replay the memory in my head,
    before I finally get the ending I want?

    How many months will I have to wait,
    voefore he finally comes back,
    how many ways can I say I love you,
    before he learns to grasp that?
    All these questions and so many more,
    but I am the one lying on the floor,
    in a bloody mess that is no more,
    iI have no heart left,
    no he took it with him,
    I have no trust left,
    no that too is gone,
    My hope still lingers,
    that he will one day realize what he has done.

    He broke my heart,
    but I forgave him,
    because i could never hate him,
    and I gave him my heart,
    my love,
    my passion,
    my happiness,
    everything I could give I gave,
    and when it came down to that memory,
    it seemed he didnt want to be apart of me anymore,
    so I am hurting worse than I ever have before.

    Only he can take away this pain,
    because time will only cause this broken heart to rust,
    Only he can make things right,
    give me a chance to make it happen,
    Only he can heal this heart,
    His love is all that I ask for,
    but it seems he walked away,
    causeing a great deal of pain,
    but none of that matteres
    because I only crave him,
    I only want him back.