• its not horrible feelin green
    its actally kinda fun
    from the octopus on my head
    to my awesome green thumb mrgreen
    well truthfully,
    my thumb is black
    just like my pointed ears,
    or my soon to be tattoed back.
    or the black ink pen
    on my cream white sheet.
    or the burt charcoal table,
    of which upon i eat.
    hey. as a matter of fact,
    who needs green,
    when you have black.
    and black is what ninjas wear,
    you kno. the ones with no hair?
    yes! i will be a ninja ninja
    all decked out in my black,
    and maybe even my witches hat...
    yep. im gonna be a witch ninja for today.
    maybe tommorow if the feeling stays.
    hm...stays rhymes with strays...
    mello was a stray...
    hm...mello rhymes with yellow
    ...i like lemons and lemons are yellow
    an with faces they're my yellow-mello-fellows... 3nodding
    wow, i sure got off track
    allow me time to come back.
    to get myself in shape
    and clean up the poetic mess ive made.
    and maybe put on some lotion...
    eeeh, i think its best for my poem to end on that notion. sweatdrop
    so as ive previously stated
    im ending the work i created.
    and al though some of you are like this stare eyes all a'glare
    i hope you give me five stars... 4laugh

    or fall down the stairs whee