• I'm sitting there in the dark.

    When you're just talking away,

    To your peers.

    I can't stand it anymore.

    I have to go,


    When I'm alone,

    I'm finding ways to stab you.

    The things you do,

    To make me love you,

    Won't work anymore.

    Giving me notes containing words,

    Passionate words that says things like,

    "I love you,"

    Won't make me give in.

    The misery lies beneath my skin,

    Crawling up to my ego,

    Up to my brain,

    Changing my mind in not loving you.

    But it won't work on my heart.

    The God of Death has taken that away.

    You can't manipulate me any longer,

    With your soft words,

    And renacuting mind.

    My heart is solid,

    And is finding a way to someone's heart.

    You can't make me love you,

    And I can't stop you from loving me,

    But I can stop the misery from spreading,

    From the insulting souls around us.